Sweet Tweets

Thank you InkyElbows for the Golden Marmot Award. I shall treasure it like Kathy Griffin and her Emmys.

Sunday I joined in #writechat on Twitter for the first time.  It was crazy fun.  I know we were supposed to be following a topic, but some of the best discussions I had were off topic with some wonderful authors/writers.  (As what we feel comfortable calling ourselves was the main topic of the chat, I’ll let you choose which you are.) Everyone, published and/or perservering, was incredibly helpful and supportive.

I’m new to WordPress, so be patient with me as I try to figure out how this program works. I’d like to add a twitter feed when I figure out what I’m doing.

As as special Tweet Treat, I am going to use this blog to out my secret identity. If I ever finish my book and publish it, I will probably use the name Elice Farlin. This is important for you all to remember, since you will need to know it in the future when you are at the bookstore or on Amazon, looking for my work. … Whoa, get back here. It’s not out there, yet. I’m one of those that is still perservering.

Inky Elbows has suggested I start my own Twitter Awards: The Rusty Beavers. So, if I find enough posts that I feel qualify, I will post them here.

Rusty Beaver Award qualifications: Posts must be snarky, funny, a little racy. Double Entendres get extra points!

Tweet Ya Later!


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