Gotta Stop Killin…Time

killaFor a while I was starting to wonder if Twitter was becoming an obsession that was keeping me from doing more constructive things with my time. But I’ve realized that I’ve actually gotten more work done on my WIP in the couple of months since I joined Twitter than I have in several months preceding.  I’ve been trying to figure out why, and I think I’ve decided on several reasons.

1. The people I follow on Twitter foster creativity. Most are writers working on their own novels, blogs, short fiction, poetry, etc. and they talk about their work and what inspires them.

2. These same users also push me to work by posting their own successes and struggles. When I see my Tweeps posting that they’ve reached a certain goal, I’m motivated to go and work on my own novel.

3. Twitter groups like #writechat, #pubtip and #writegoal provide a great forum to connect with experts from published authors to agents and publishers. All of whom are willing to share their knowledge and encourage us to persevere.

4. Writing can be a lonely activity. We spend long hours locked away with just our computer screens. Twitter provides us with connections that we might not otherwise develop.

Yeah, it can sometimes be a time suck – and I probably spend way more time in Twitterville than is good for the cleanliness of my house and the height of my lawn’s grass – but the people I have encountered in this virtual wild west have recharged me and inspired me to keep writing. So I think I’ll stick around for a while.


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I'm just your average marketing goddess who does some freelance writing on the side. Or am I? What if I'm really a hired killer? You don't have anything to worry about unless you are an evil villain, above the reach of the usual law and order types. You know the kind, with enough money and influence to buy their way out of any legal repercussions. That's when the organization I work for steps in. You won't find us in any federal government directory. We're one of those groups that get the conspiracy theorists all hot and bothered. This could just be the plot of a novel I'm working on. Then again...

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