They’re Here! The Rusty Beaver Awards!

killaA while back, my twitter friend and blogger Debbie Ohi, aka @inkyelbows, suggested I start the Rusty Beaver Awards. These are for humorous, somewhat salacious, tweets (Double entendre earns extra points).  Like Inky Elbows Golden Marmot awards, there are no physical prizes – just bragging rights. So without further ado… The Rusty Beavers:

@R1CC1KRAS7SA for:

My husbands death is going to make an awesome country song someday. #Mommysjokingkids!

@ocdchick for:

I need a resort. Room service. Massage. Liquid breakfast. And a pony. Named Rufus.

@mycorpse for:

Now that the novelty of having new boobs has worn off, I want to deflate them, and use them only periodically for fun, like a jump castle.

@anticlimatic for:

@memith But, if I were pineapples, I’d be tasty, and I’d want to eat myself. Wait a minute…THAT’S DIRTY!!!

@BakeMyFish for:

Guys, stop all acting like Sarah Palin repulses you. You know you’d do her. Just be gentle with the muzzle. Make her wear spiked boots.

@Petherwin for:

I avoid the promiscuous use of acronyms. Because many of them are sexually transmitted diseases.


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