Writing & Writers Groups

killaSo I’ve now joined a couple of writers’ groups that I’ve found on meetup.com. The first one meets next Tuesday and the other meets a couple of weeks after that. Why two groups? Well, for a couple of reasons.
The first is I need to make some friends that live in the same county and have some of the same interests as I do. I moved to St. Petersburg, FL about 5 years ago and with a young daughter, I didn’t have the time to go out and make friends outside of work and family. I hope to connect with at least a couple of people I meet.
I also hope that more than one group will give me a larger variety of readers to give me feedback on my novel. The first group I joined are romance writers. They are a new group and this will be the first meeting. The benefit of a new group is they have lots of energy and excitement. If we develop good habits early, we can form a good resource for our writing.
The second group I’ve joined is a large group with many experienced authors, editors and writers. They are large enough now that new members must submit a sample of writing and be approved. I expect this group to be brutally honest with their critiques. I also expect to find more aid with queries, synopsis, agent searches and publishing from the more experienced group.
I do not write only for my own pleasure. The ultimate goal of writing a novel is for it to be read by others. So it would be foolish to write in a vacuum, with no other input, praise or criticism to help me find my voice. Without readers, I’m just whispering my story, alone in the dark. (They call that crazy).