Ain’t No FollaBack Girl (Remix)

If you’re one of my new followers on Twitter, you may be wondering what it takes to get a follow back. Being fairly new to tweeting, myself, I try to share the love and help others build a following. But I do have a few guidelines to who I will follow back.

To follow…

I’ll probably give you a follow back if you:

  • are a writer or participate in Sunday afternoon #writechat
  • have an interesting bio that isn’t just a sales pitch
  • actually post tweets & interact with others even if you have a few marketing links
  • have witty, funny, risque (but not completely tasteless) posts
  • give me some #FollowFriday love.

Or not to follow…

I’ll probably not give you a follow back if:

  • your bio still has the default pic from twitter
  • you are a huge Glenn Beck fan or some other radical right wingnut
  • you ARE Glenn Beck or someone who pretends to be him
  • your last 5 posts were about how to gain more twitter followers
  • all of your posts are retweets of other peoples posts
  • all of your posts are quotes that were obviously sent robotically
  • all of your posts are boring – don’t care what you’re doing every minute of the day.
  • you’re a crazy political extremist – in a way that is not entertaining
  • you are naked (not always an automatic no follow)

The last one is a struggle for me. While I really don’t mind people surfing the internet in the nude – I’ve even done it myself at times – the problem is when people post nude picture of themselves on the website in their bios. Sometimes I click that website to see if they are someone I want to follow.

Now I don’t necessarily want my naked followers to stop following me, because that would cut out some of my most fun twitter conversations, but I don’t really want to follow them back and have that image in my head every time I read a post.

So, if you’re one of my naked tweeps, and I don’t give you any follow back love, don’t take it too hard. You’re still important to me.

That’s really all there is to my follow back guidelines. I try to check those followers I’m not following back using Tweepular, but a good way to catch my attention is to mention @AssassinGrl in one of your posts (in a nice way).

Also note that politically I am Radical about being Moderate. I want the government out of my womb, out of my bedroom, and out of my spiritual practices. I think people who want the government to support any type of religion should be voted off the island. I don’t go to your church and tell you to worship broccoli, so don’t go to my kid’s school & tell them they have to pray.

For you Left wingnuts. I believe in the death penalty & I think PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. So, consider yourselves warned.

Hope that helps and as always…

Tweet ya’ later!


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I'm just your average marketing goddess who does some freelance writing on the side. Or am I? What if I'm really a hired killer? You don't have anything to worry about unless you are an evil villain, above the reach of the usual law and order types. You know the kind, with enough money and influence to buy their way out of any legal repercussions. That's when the organization I work for steps in. You won't find us in any federal government directory. We're one of those groups that get the conspiracy theorists all hot and bothered. This could just be the plot of a novel I'm working on. Then again...

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