Watch Out Divas! This Couple is Killah…

Move over Cher! There’s a new Diva in town! Drag queens everywhere will be abandoning the iconic singer for the new Sher, costar of Midlife Road Trip. Sher and Rick travel the country to fulfill their bucket list, stopping to enjoy the local flavors along the way. Their witty banter and obvious sexual chemistry make this one wild ride.

Sher and Rick recently visited the Tampa Bay area where they made a bigger splash than Winter the Dolphin. The couple met with their fans, kayaked Honeymoon Island and interviewed an obviously star-struck Jackie Silver, author of Aging Backwards, whose tips on staying young are hardly needed by this vivacious duo.

I know I speak for all of Tampa Bay when I say we’re going to miss this couple. But whatever you do, don’t miss future episodes of Midlife Road Trip. This is one midlife crisis we should all be experiencing.

UPDATE: Though my opinions on these wonderful people stand, due to new FTC rules I feel obligated to disclose that I received numerous retweets on Twitter and probably some #FollowFriday love in exchange for this review. Even though the old dinosaur farts at the FTC probably have no idea what a retweet is and think #FollowFriday is something Roman Polanski does to teenage French girls on the weekend.


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