The End of the World…As We Know It?

I suppose I should have some sympathy for this bunch of Rapture pushers. After all, many of them have given away all their possessions and will find themselves in quite the pickle when they are still here come May 22nd. However, I am so disgusted by their complete and utter stupidity, I am having a hard time feeling the least bit sorry for them. These are people with children. How the fuck are they planning on taking care of their kids now that they have quit their jobs and given away all their money?

If you are so stupid as to throw away all means of supporting your children, based soley on one man’s interpretation of a story passed down by illiterate, uneducated goat herders over 2000 years ago…then you should have your children taken away from you and placed in homes of people that know how to think rationally.

It is the fucking 21st century. You are putting your faith in fairy tales that were invented by people that thought the world was flat and the sun revolved around it. What a bunch of dimwits.


One thought on “The End of the World…As We Know It?

  1. Craig says:

    The funny thing is, while the other Christian groups are quick to denounce this Harold Camping group as crazy, they all believe a ‘rapture’ will happen at some stage, they just don’t know when. So in reality, they are all just as crazy as Harold, he just puts a timeline on his crazyness.

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