He came from star stuff…

A great man died this week.  He’s not spending eternity in Hell or Heaven.  His consciousness has ended.  For him, it is as it was before he was ever born.  He came from star stuff, as we all do, and in a million years the atoms that for a short time came together to make a brilliant and beautiful mind will return to burn in another star.

Though he can no longer hear our voices, we will never forget his. And in this way he has attained some small measure of immortality. So raise a glass and say a toast to Hitch. Post your favorite quotation from his prolific writings. Do your part to make sure that even though he has gone, his ideas will never die.

Rest in Peace, Hitch.

Christopher Hitchens

April 13, 1949 – December 15, 2011


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  1. Very nice sentiment. Well said. Hitchens’ legacy and impact on the way people think and live their lives will continue to grow as the years roll on and as humanity adapts to the changes we’ll face in the future, his work will shine through and help guide us in the best direction.

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