Willful Ignorance

I must admit, I do not understand how someone can believe the universe is only 6,000 years old. Let’s forget about the earth itself. Let’s not even try to argue about age of rocks, sedimentary layers or Noachian flood evidence or obvious lack thereof. Young Earth creationists believe in a literal Genesis in which God made the entire universe in 6 days, less than 10,000 years ago.

Let’s look at the universe, shall we? Our nearest neighboring spiral galaxy is Andromeda. We can measure the distance to Andromeda using mathematical concepts that have been proven over and over again. These are the same mathematical concepts that have allowed us to put a man on the moon, send countless satellites into orbit, and send exploratory unmanned spacecraft like Cassini and Voyager to the edges of our solar system and beyond. We know this math is correct. In the same way we know how long it will take an egg to fall from a 10 story building using distance and the force of gravity.

It is 2.5×1019 km from Earth to the Andromeda galaxy. And just as we can measure the velocity of an object falling toward earth by knowing the distance and the force of gravity, we can measure the time it takes for light to travel through space. We know this, we use this information to measure the distance to the moon by bouncing light off of reflectors left on it’s surface by the Apollo mission. This measurement can be confirmed with other methods of measuring distance. It is a known constant.

So if we know how fast light travels (about 299,792.5 km/s) and we know the distance in km to the Andromeda galaxy (2.5×1019 km) it is a simple equation to find that the Andromeda galaxy is approximately 2.6 MILLION light years from earth. That means that the light we see from the galaxy today left the galaxy 2.6 MILLION YEARS AGO. Already we have undeniable proof that the universe is older than 10,000 years.

The only explanation for someone to deny provable, repeatable, unequivocal scientific evidence in favor of a book that was written by men who thought that disease was caused by demons and that the sun circled the earth is extreme mental illness or willful ignorance.


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