Atheism Plus or Minus?

As hard as it is to deal with trolls and ignorant people that don’t understand the meaning of feminism, equal rights or humanism, the divisive nature of #atheismplus is a step backwards. It makes us sound elitist and afraid to stand up for ourselves. It comes across as saying “The movement is too broken, so instead of working to fix it, we are going to abandon it and start our own club.”

Yes, the atheism movement needs to evolve. We are not perfect. Just like any other group of people, we have people who are pathetic douchebags. Just because we have one thing in common (disbelief) does not mean we all agree on everything. And just because someone disbelieves in the same gods you disbelieve in, does not mean that they give a damn about your rights or your well being. 

The challenge is to move beyond the douchebags. They are like the teabaggers. They are so loud it seems like there are more of them than actually exist in the movement. We need to stand our ground. No one should be threatening atheist women just for asking for the same guidelines at meetings that EVERY FUCKING CORPORATION IN THE FUCKING COUNTRY has for the protection of their employees and themselves. If you see sexual harassment guidelines as a “threat” to your fun or as “unnecessary” then you do not live in the real world.

But the reasonable base of this movement should not let this vocal minority push them to separate from the core. Stand your ground on the reasonable rules that the majority of adults know how to follow and please just ignore the juveniles that every once in a while make it out of the lab where they’ve spent a few (hundred) too many hours away from other people to learn how to behave in civilized society.


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