Really people?…I mean REALLY?!

Time to break this down.

An atheist woman gets an uncomfortable come-on in an elevator and tries to tell men why this is a bad idea. (By the way guys, unless you look like Hugh Jackman and are as smooth as Brad Pitt…just don’t) She is attacked and raked over the coals by a bunch of guys that just can’t say “Thanks for the insight into women’s minds. We will attempt to improve our dating strategies,” and go on their merry way. 

Another group of atheist women try to implement a sexual harassment policy for a national skeptic meeting. Keep in mind there is nothing unusual about such policies. Most organizations have them in place to protect their attendees and themselves from legal action should the unthinkable happen. They do not involve AntiFun Police roaming around stopping consensual adults from consensually, sensual, fun-time activities. They are in place so that if someone finds themselves harassed they have a simple procedure to go through to seek help in what may be a strange city far from home. 

But again a few guys take it personally and start attacking the women that are just trying to do what atheist men have wanted for years…get atheist women to attend these events.

And eventually all this drama brings out the Drama Trolls. These idiots may or may not be part of the atheist movement, but they see the spotlight and rush in with threats of rape and nasty, misogynistic attacks. And a few women – who apparently want people to think they’re ‘Cool’ and ‘Just one of the guys’ join in and don t-shirts insulting people for no other reason than they tried to make atheist conventions more attractive to women.

I guess it’s no surprise that some of these atheists who have been kicked around by the Douchebags and Trolls (who are by no means representative of atheists as a whole) would get frustrated enough to want to break away and start over. But it’s not the answer.

It’s too late to stop the Atheism+ group from looking like they are either children who want to go build their own tree house and only let the “specialest, bestest, most smartest” atheists in or like the dogmatic cult that they have been compared to. But it’s not too late to stand up to the Douchebags and Trolls who should not be encouraged to take this as a ‘win’…and everyone else who is acting like a 12 year old… and say:



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