Difference Between Racism and Anti-Theism

If you see someone whose dark olive skin tone and clothing suggests that they are from the middle east and you think:

“I wish those damn towel-heads would get the fuck outta my country!”

You are a racist.

If you see someone stop what they are doing (either because of the time of day or a meal is about to start) and start talking to invisible beings, and you think:

“Damn, I wish people would use common sense and reason rather than believe in the superstitious ramblings of bronze-age goat-herders.”

You are an Anti-theist.


Published by: assassingrl

I'm just your average marketing goddess who does some freelance writing on the side. Or am I? What if I'm really a hired killer? You don't have anything to worry about unless you are an evil villain, above the reach of the usual law and order types. You know the kind, with enough money and influence to buy their way out of any legal repercussions. That's when the organization I work for steps in. You won't find us in any federal government directory. We're one of those groups that get the conspiracy theorists all hot and bothered. This could just be the plot of a novel I'm working on. Then again...

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