Ain’t No FollaBack Girl (Remix)

If you’re one of my new followers on Twitter, you may be wondering what it takes to get a follow back. Being fairly new to tweeting, myself, I try to share the love and help others build a following. But I do have a few guidelines to who I will follow back.

To follow…

I’ll probably give you a follow back if you:

  • are a writer or participate in Sunday afternoon #writechat
  • have an interesting bio that isn’t just a sales pitch
  • actually post tweets & interact with others even if you have a few marketing links
  • have witty, funny, risque (but not completely tasteless) posts
  • give me some #FollowFriday love.

Or not to follow…

I’ll probably not give you a follow back if:

  • your bio still has the default pic from twitter
  • you are a huge Glenn Beck fan or some other radical right wingnut
  • you ARE Glenn Beck or someone who pretends to be him
  • your last 5 posts were about how to gain more twitter followers
  • all of your posts are retweets of other peoples posts
  • all of your posts are quotes that were obviously sent robotically
  • all of your posts are boring – don’t care what you’re doing every minute of the day.
  • you’re a crazy political extremist – in a way that is not entertaining
  • you are naked (not always an automatic no follow)

The last one is a struggle for me. While I really don’t mind people surfing the internet in the nude – I’ve even done it myself at times – the problem is when people post nude picture of themselves on the website in their bios. Sometimes I click that website to see if they are someone I want to follow.

Now I don’t necessarily want my naked followers to stop following me, because that would cut out some of my most fun twitter conversations, but I don’t really want to follow them back and have that image in my head every time I read a post.

So, if you’re one of my naked tweeps, and I don’t give you any follow back love, don’t take it too hard. You’re still important to me.

That’s really all there is to my follow back guidelines. I try to check those followers I’m not following back using Tweepular, but a good way to catch my attention is to mention @AssassinGrl in one of your posts (in a nice way).

Also note that politically I am Radical about being Moderate. I want the government out of my womb, out of my bedroom, and out of my spiritual practices. I think people who want the government to support any type of religion should be voted off the island. I don’t go to your church and tell you to worship broccoli, so don’t go to my kid’s school & tell them they have to pray.

For you Left wingnuts. I believe in the death penalty & I think PETA stands for People Eating Tasty Animals. So, consider yourselves warned.

Hope that helps and as always…

Tweet ya’ later!

My Extended Follow Friday – Now with Link-O-Vision!

killaEvery Friday on Twitter, people post the names of those “Tweeps” that they follow and feel others should follow. My lists were getting so long I decided I needed to find another way of getting the info out there. So I’m posting my Follow Friday list here and will link to this post from Twitter. I would also recommend you just click on the Twitter link to who I follow and start following those users. Because all the people I follow are great.

Here’s the cream of the crop, broken down into “Writers/Book World” and “People Who Make Me Laugh.”

Writers/Book World

















































People who make me laugh (some may also belong in Writers group)

















@P0TUS (w/a zero)






















My other two “Charlie’s Angels:



Just nice folk to chat with:







They’re Here! The Rusty Beaver Awards!

killaA while back, my twitter friend and blogger Debbie Ohi, aka @inkyelbows, suggested I start the Rusty Beaver Awards. These are for humorous, somewhat salacious, tweets (Double entendre earns extra points).  Like Inky Elbows Golden Marmot awards, there are no physical prizes – just bragging rights. So without further ado… The Rusty Beavers:

@R1CC1KRAS7SA for:

My husbands death is going to make an awesome country song someday. #Mommysjokingkids!

@ocdchick for:

I need a resort. Room service. Massage. Liquid breakfast. And a pony. Named Rufus.

@mycorpse for:

Now that the novelty of having new boobs has worn off, I want to deflate them, and use them only periodically for fun, like a jump castle.

@anticlimatic for:

@memith But, if I were pineapples, I’d be tasty, and I’d want to eat myself. Wait a minute…THAT’S DIRTY!!!

@BakeMyFish for:

Guys, stop all acting like Sarah Palin repulses you. You know you’d do her. Just be gentle with the muzzle. Make her wear spiked boots.

@Petherwin for:

I avoid the promiscuous use of acronyms. Because many of them are sexually transmitted diseases.