Name My Book Contest!

The Book:

Madison Cooke is one of the ABL’s best assassins. She has no family ties, trusts no one, and is willing to take out the enemy no matter what the cost. But when her current assignment brings her face to face with her forgotten past, her priorities begin to change.

While hunting down her target, a ruthless arms dealer, Madison stumbles upon the body of a woman that could be her twin sister. Was she the victim of mistaken identity or was her death a message for Madison? In order to complete her mission and find the truth about her dead doppelganger, Madison may just have to learn to trust someone – even if it is a sexy FBI agent that could be her salvation or her downfall.

The Series:

This will be the first in a series of novels following the assassin Madison Cooke. Each novel will focus on one main assignment. The mystery surrounding Madison’s past, and her employer’s possible involvement in the disappearance of her family, will thread through the entire series.

The Contest:

Post your title suggestions as a comment. I will, with the help of friends and my writer’s group, choose the one I feel best suits the novel. Winners shall receive acknowledgement in the book, and if they wish, I will name a character after them in a future book in the series.


5 thoughts on “Name My Book Contest!”

  1. Hmmm. “If Cookes Could Kill” ? or “Drop Dead Doppelganger” ?
    Would need to know more of the plot to come up with anything else. Fun idea!

  2. Hi AssassinGrl, I was thinking along the lines of a theme word running through the books, as some other authors do, where the same keyword appears in all titles of a series, this led to me thinking of kill, or sanction, so what about :-

    Double Kill.
    Double Sanction.

    Also :-

    Twice Dead
    Two Times Dead.

    Hope it helps :o) Andy.

    P.S. I never ticked the box, cos I don’t wanna be spammed, but feel free to let me know what you think – oh alright I’ll tick the box, seeing as it’s you :o)

  3. First, some obvious titles: “Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang”, “Dressed to Kill”, “Life’s a Bitch”, “Deadlier Than the Male”, “Girl Crazy”, “Suicide Blonde” (if she’s blonde, of course), “Mad” (short for Madison), “Riot Grrrl”
    Thematic titles lending themselves so sequels: Riot Grrrl band names (“Bikini Kill”, “Heavens to Betsy”, “Jack Off Jill”); Song/album titles by said bands (Bikini Kill has a lot of great ones: “Revolution Girl Style Now!”,”Rebel Girl”, “Pretend We’re Dead” , “Pussy Whipped”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah”, etc.); firearm calibers (“.308 FMJ” (Full Metal Jacket), “.223”, “.45 ACP”, etc.)
    Military jargon: “Kill Chain”,”Single Tap” (One shot kill), “Double Tap” (Two shot kill)

  4. Uh you can got the fairly obvious route with ‘Mistaken Identity’ Or the corny route ‘Murder Me’ or the just plan odd ‘kill me dead’ yea I suck at titles lol

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