I DO Blame Peter Lanza!

This week, Peter Lanza, father of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza, came out and said he wished his son had never been born. He seems to think that this should garner him some type of sympathy and/or excuse him from any culpability, by distancing himself from his son. It does not.

It is a sick, cowardly comment from a terrible father and horribly stupid person. Had Peter Lanza stayed in his son’s life and tried everything possible to help his son, yet ultimately failed, I would have sympathy for him, regardless of what he might say in the aftermath of such a tragic end. That’s not what Lanza did.

Lanza abandoned his son, and when his ex-wife emailed him regarding Adam’s increasing depression, he did nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I think both of his parents were idiots. If my child spent hours lying on the bathroom floor crying, I would not be emailing her father asking “oh what do I do? What do I do? I don’t know what to do?”

YOU FUCKING CALL 911, MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if your ex calls you and says your child has been lying on the bathroom floor for hours and she/he doesn’t know what to do….

YOU FUCKING CALL 911, MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!

No excuses about not having insurance or your child not wanting to go to the hospital…if your child had been hit by a car, would you refuse to call an ambulance because of the cost? No! So why when your child is telling you they don’t don’t have a reason to live and they spend days lying on the floor in such obvious pain wouldn’t you CALL A GODDAMN AMBULANCE!!!???!??!!!!

No, Peter Lanza, you do not get to distance yourself from what your child did. He screamed for your help for years and you turned your back on him. I am sorry your son was born…to such stupid, incompetent people. You may not have known that Adam was capable of such horrible violence, but you DID know that he was in unspeakable pain. The emails between you and his mother make it clear that you both knew how miserable he was, yet for some reason you did nothing beyond wringing your hands and whining “I don’t know what to do!”

This is not 20/20 hindsight. A normal, loving parent rushes their child to the doctor when they see them lying on a floor, crying uncontrollably. Do the world a favor. Get a vasectomy.